A bug bounty is a monetary reward offered to white hat hackers for successfully pinpointing a security bug that causes a vulnerability. A vulnerability is a “weak spot” that enables black hat hackers, criminals who break into networks with malicious intent, to gain unauthorized access to a website, tool, or system. More often than not, a security vulnerability can have catastrophic implications for an organization.

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Bug Bounty and its Industries
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  • Here are some technologies that will be helpful for getting started in the ethical hacking industry:
  • Computer networking (HTTP, TCP/IP)
  • Operating systems (Linux, Windows, macOS) Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Programming languages (Python, Java)
  • Programming languages (Python, Ruby)
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When bug bounty programs are combined with penetration testing, an authorized simulated attack to evaluate security, it help organizations do the following:

  1. Make use of shared intelligence from global security specialists

  2. Find bugs that evaded the attention of the internal security team’s pen testers and vulnerability scanners

  3. Foster goodwill in the cybersecurity community

  4. Prevent unforeseen losses

    How much money can bug bounty hunters expect to make? 

    Depending on the nature and severity of the security bug, payouts can range from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars. Below are some examples.

    1.  Apple Security Bounty 

    A private program at launch, Apple made its bug bounty program public in late 2019. The tech giant has paid researchers nearly $20 million in total since 2020, with an average compensation of $40,000 in the "Product" category [3].      

    • Remuneration: $5,000–$2,000,000 [4]

    • Program status: Live

    2.  Google and Alphabet Vulnerability Rewards Program 

    The scope is wide with Google. Any Google-owned or Alphabet subsidiary web service that manages “reasonably sensitive user data” falls within the scope of the firm’s Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP). For example, all content in the *.google.com, *.youtube.com, *.blogger.com, and *.verily.com domains, among others, qualify.

    • Remuneration: $100–$31,337 [5]

    • Program status: Live

    3.  Microsoft Bug Bounty 

    Microsoft Bug Bounty extends to the firm’s cloud, platform, and defense and grant programs. In 2022, the firm shelled out $13.7 million in rewards for over 330 security researchers across 46 countries [6]. 

    • Remuneration: $15,000–$250,000 [7]

    • Program status: Live

    4. Intel Bug Bounty 

    The Intel Bug Bounty program primarily targets vulnerabilities in the company's hardware, firmware, and software. Note that residents of US government-embargoed countries are not eligible to participate in the bug bounty. 

    • Remuneration: $500–$100,000 [8]

    • Program status: Live

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